IPS is committed to conducting business with the goal “Zero Harm” to all stakeholders, by providing a safe work environment, safe systems and people who work safely. This policy will be implemented through the Company’s Management System.

The Chief Executive Officer has ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this policy, but without diminishing management’s obligations, The IPS Group recognizes that all parties have an obligation to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all stakeholders. The foundation of our commitment is that no business objective will take priority over health and safety and that no task is so urgent that it cannot be done safely.

The IPS Group commits to taking all practical steps to ensure a safe working environment by:

  • Compliance with the relevant HSE legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice;
  • Setting health and safety objectives and targets in line with its operational goals;
  • Consultation with stakeholders to deliver continuous improvement of equipment and work environments, while maintaining the highest level of safety and reporting all incidents, to enable investigation and implementation of corrective actions, aimed at addressing root causes.

Objectives and targets will be established and reviewed through consultation with our people and management to enable continuous improvement of our HSE performance.

This policy will be made available to the public and reviewed annually to ensure its relevance to the organization.

David Shipwash
Chief Executive Officer