Minimal Downtime

Reactor Blinding, Flange Removal, and De-Blinding

The IPS Group specializes in reactor blinding, flange removal, de-blinding, welding, reactor repairs and modifications.

The IPS Group's team of professionals show up on time and work within tight time and budget constraints to get the job done right the first time. Knowledgeable estimators, certified welders, thorough job reports and detailed invoices assure the entire process goes smoothly, from bidding to billing.

Our SMP expertise includes field construction services such as modular and conventional (‘stick-built’) construction, hydro and pneumatic testing, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, materials handling and inventory management, welding and quality assurance, completions, plant start-ups and commissioning.

World Class Mechanical Services

The IPS Group has Set New Standards in specialized Mechanical Services. We are a major provider of internal column refurbishment services to the oil and gas industry and have wide-ranging general fitting capabilities.

By combining world-class Catalyst Handling with the associated Mechanical Services required during changeouts, we are able to drastically reduce the time frame of shutdowns and turnarounds.

Reactor Blinding, Flange Removal, and De-Blinding

IPS & ITCS personnel have the experience as well as all the hand tools, pneumatic tools, torquing and tensioning equipment, flange spreaders and more to efficiently install blinds and remove flanges and manways prior to catalyst unloading. At the conclusion of catalyst loading activities, IPS & ITCS removes all blinds and reinstalls flanges and manways.


IPS & ITCS is able to assist clients with any welding that may be required on a project, and we currently hold our own R stamp. Detailed procedures are able to be developed quickly and our welders are qualified to weld many types of metals and processes.

Reactor Repairs and Modifications

IPS & ITCS works closely with a number of internal suppliers and fabricators to enable us to assist clients with any necessary repairs. This ensures that reactors are repaired onsite, as close as possible to design specifications. Our relationships with various screen fabricators ensures that scallops (pressed plate and v-wire), center pipes and screens in CCR and Platformer reactors, or grids and segmental plates in Parex and other types of reactors are correctly supplied or repaired.


IPS & ITCS's genuinely multi-skilled workforce results in seamless scope execution, flexibility of role on site and reduced supporting contractors, while maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

  • We collaborate with clients to ensure work scope and best practices are identified and implemented
  • Clients are assured that the standard of cleanliness required for modern inspection techniques is achieved first time
  • The combination of our strong focus on safety and quality combined with our genuinely multi-skilled, highly experienced teams and the resulting increases in our client's productivity ensure that Catalyst Handling are the most efficient, cost effective team in the industry

Mechanical Services offered:

The IPS Group has a wide range of mechanical services for the installation, revamp, and repair of reactors, columns and vessels.

  • Vessel blinding and isolation
  • Vessel repairs, de-bottlenecking, and internal modifications
  • Specialized welding and repairs
  • Ultrathermic and plasma cutting
  • Preparation for weld inspection
  • Bolt tensioning, bolt torquing, and nut splitting
  • Plant decommissioning and de-inventory