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Safest, cold drinking water

Delicious, Refreshing, Cold Drinking Water

Workers deserve the best when it comes to hydration. Provide your team with the safest, cold drinking water available. IPS prepares each cooler using an elite filtration system for both water and ice, which are never touched by human hands. Delivery is available for your next turnaround or project.

This is a Step-by-Step process - This system explains how the customer receives its first class water.



Stage 1: Off-Loaded coolers in staging area from delivery vehicles (Ready for processing)

Stage 2

  • Dumping Coolers of water
  • Pre-Cleaning of coolers
  • Removal of Seal Tape

Stage 3: Put Coolers upside down in baskets on rollers

Stage 4: Hand cleaning exterior of coolers

Stage 5: Pressure washed – (High-pressure nozzle to remove Undesirables such as Dust, Dirt, Sand, etc.)

Stage 6: Thorough cleaning process (Jackson Commercial Dish Washer)

  • Cleaned and disinfected
  • Set at over 200°F
  • Sanitation of cooler

Stage 7: Spigot Immediately covered with Nitrile sock after sanitation Stage 8: Coolers taken off baskets and flipped over (right-side up)

  • Final Visual inspection of coolers (Inside and out) prior to filling with Ice & Water


Stage 9: Municipal Water Source -- Water quality data available “Although the people at the municipal water department do an excellent job at processing our water, our standards are higher in regards to taste”

Stage 10: Carbon filters that further remove impurities that may cause taste, color, odor, etc.

Stage 11: Sanitron™ UV Water Purifier to remove any possible bacteria

Stage 12: Filling Stations x 2 (Allows for continuous water filtration between coolers)

Stage 13: Reddy Ice Provides filtration for Ice production. Ice loaded into cooler from Ice Bin


Stage 14: Water added to cooler

Stage 15: Ice added to cooler

Stage16: Lid applied to cooler and custom color safety seal tape applied

Stage 17: Date applied to cooler and placed on rollers

Stage 18: Coolers loaded from rollers to truck

Stage 19: Coolers off-loaded to Truck

Stage 20: Coolers deployed to Customer Locations

Documented Double-Redundant Hygienic Protection System that Includes:


  • Municipal Water Source
  • Dual Automatic Pleated Carbon Filtration System
  • Secondary Automatic Carbon Filter System
  • Sanitron™ UV Germicidal Water Treatment System


  • 200°F+ Sanitation Process for Coolers
  • Screw Tight Lid Spigot Safety Seal System
  • Food-Grade Nitrile Anti-Contamination Barrier
  • Tamper Resistant Seal
  • Custom Colored Safety Seal Tape


  • Cooler Asset Cost Tracking System
  • Municipal Water Analytical Data
  • Water & Ice Batch Reports
  • QA Date Inspection Logs

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