commitment to safety efforts

Effective leadership is key to a successful safety program. Like any aspects of a company’s culture, employees are much more likely to model a company’s safety mission and vision when they have professionals who regularly demonstrate their commitment to the company’s safety efforts.

IPS can assist in the field with qualified safety professionals that can aid in the implementation of your safety culture. Our highly trained personnel can help manage JSA’s, Permit writing, inspections and audits, recognizing great safety behavior, and inspire, challenge and encourage your people to think about their tasks in different ways.

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Commitment To Education

One of the most complex training procedures we provide is the “Inert Entry Technician” training course. This course runs a full week (50+ Hours) and is both classroom-based (Theoretical) and Hands-on (Practical). The extensive training program was designed specifically for catalyst handling while working in inert atmospheres, yet also carefully developed to meet all of the regulatory requirements and recommended practices, to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees while performing this type of work. The Inert Entry Technician course covers the following subjects and is in compliance with the following regulations and/or recommended practices:

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